NOW Malaysia | Rafizi wants Mara to reclaim overpaid RM14m
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Rafizi wants Mara to reclaim overpaid RM14m

17 Feb Rafizi wants Mara to reclaim overpaid RM14m

KUALA LUMPUR: Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli told a press conference on Tuesday that it has been eight months since Akmal Nasir, his colleague in the National Oversight and Whistleblowers (NOW), and he had revealed that there were serious questions regarding Majlis Amanah Rakyat’s (Mara) RM129 million purchase of property in Australia. “It has been eight months and there’s no sign of Mara taking any action to recover overpaid monies for the property.”

“Not one person has been brought to Court although there’s evidence of financial wrongdoing.”

The MP added that the question also arises since Mara appears to be having difficulties in sponsoring Malay and Orang Asal students. “RM129 million is a large sum and can help Mara finance these students.”

Rafizi was taking the position that since Mara Chairman Annuar Musa had failed to take any action on the matter, he had no choice but to come forward with all the necessary documents and evidence for the media to take the matter to the people.

The documents in his possession, said Rafizi, show the names of certain individuals named in Court documents filed in Australia; the manner in which these individuals siphoned out Mara funds to certain companies where they had interest; and the relationship of these individuals to an Umno Youth Exco member. “Mazrul Haizad Marof is the in-law of Dazma Daud who is an Umno Youth Exco member. Dazma Daud was also involved with Optimus Capital and Leuven, companies named in Court.”

“Ahmad Nazim Abdul Rahman, a high-ranking Mara official, was named in the Court documents, being responsible for not only sending the invoices to Optimus Capital and Leuven, but was also involved with another company which had connections with Mara’s purchase of Dudley House at AUD22.6 million, AUD4.75 million (RM14 million) above the market price.”

Rafizi said the names of the said individuals can be found in the Statement of Claim filed by Trubuilt Projects Pty Ltd against Wanissa Property Ltd. Wanissa had managed Dudley House, the last property purchased by Mara, and had failed to pay its debts to Trubuilt, the contractor engaged to complete the said property, and currently in liquidation.

The documents show that AUD4.75 million was paid by Wanissa to three companies, Leuven Capital Sdn Bhd, Optimus Capital Group of Companies Sdn Bhd and TRR Heritage Sdn Bhd, all companies linked to CEO of Mara Investments Bhd Ahmad Nazim, Mara official Mazrul Haizad and Izadden Daud, Mara Inc Managing Director from 2008 to 2010, alleged Rafizi.

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